summary of male anime friendships
naruto and sasuke: i hate you so much i hope you die but let me spend the entire series running after you
luffy and zoro: more loyal to each other than your dog is to you
nastu and gray: why are we friends again
killua and gon: don't fucking die or ill beat your ass
kuroko and kagami: partners for life bruh
gareki and nai: i don't like people but you're an exception
suzaku and lelouch: emotional roller coaster
ciel and sebastion: you're fucking annoying but i love you even though i won't admit it
haru and rin: ok im going to kick your ass if you don't swim with/for me
eren and armin: i love you so much please don't die
soul and black star: bro were awesome bro
yoshino and mahiro: everyone makes me angry except you
rin and yukio: were brothers that can't agree for shit
hinata and kageyama: i don't like you but i need you
nine and twelve: fucking boss ass terrorism partners
nezumi and shion: we're dating
yata and fushimi: wtf happened dude




According to the prices given in this post by dansunoiruka (and the Naruto wiki) plus the assertion that 1 ryo equals 10 yen, here are the (approximate) conversions of the wages shinobi may get for each mission from ryo to Japanese yen (which is simply multiplying by ten, but is nevertheless included) and U.S. dollars (according to the exchange rate of August 2014).

D-Rank: Between 5,000 and 50,000 ryo  (between fifty-thousand and five hundred thousand yen) - between $481 and $4,811.

C-Rank: Between 30,000 and 100,000 ryo (between three-hundred thousand and one million yen) - between $2,887 - $9,622.

B-Rank: Between 150,000 and 200,000 ryo (between one million five hundred thousand and two million yen) - between $14,434 and $19,245.

A-Rank: Between 150,000 and 1,000,000 ryo (between one million five hundred thousand and ten million yen) - between $14,434 and $96,223.

S-Rank: Upwards of 1,000,000 ryo (upwards of ten million yen) - upwards of $96,223.

Hopefully this provides a little bit more contextual reference both in yen and dollars for shinobi wages. 

The following would be the prizes for those of us using Euros. Also following the exchange rate of August 2014 and disregarding cents.

D-Rank: between 363€ and 3,632€.

C-Rank: between 2,179€ and 7,265€.

B-Rank: between 10,897€ and 14,530€.

A-Rank: between 10,897€ and 72,649.

S-Rank: upwards of 72,649.


I love that when Makoto first tells Haru he should visit him, he’s all tsundere 

imageBut upon considering the followingimageDoes a complete 180 and shows up like “Yes Husbando. I have come with lunch. For my Husbando. Whom is Mine. And not Kisumi’s.”imageThen shows up again the next day like “Look honey, I’ve brought the children.”image

image"Just in case there was any confusion that we are, in fact, married."


Naruto text post meme:

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oKAY. Okay. I mean, I would never force someone to ship SasuNaruSasu, and to me, it’s totally cool if you want to see them as a brOTP. But when you start telling me that romantic!SasuNaruSasu shippers are delusional, and that their relationship is clearly shown as platonic, and that we ‘ruin your brOTP’ for you, then that’s where I gotta stop you.

While I am well aware that there is no actual *context* stating that the two are in love with each other, we have one of the most blatant subtext in the whole series. It’s not homoerotic subtext, but it’s not platonic subtext either, and that’s why level-headed shippers realise the ship was never about their sexuality. I don’t ship them because ‘yaoi’, and I’m sure half of the shippers don’t as well. Even if they weren’t ‘gay for each other’, they’d still have the more chemistry, depth, history, compatibility, and subtext than any other couple in the series.

We have so so many Naruto and Sasuke scenes, and we don’t just ship them because of just one. You have to understand that we shippers do not ship it because of one pivotal moment, but that we ship them because of all of them. We ship them because Naruto was literally the only one in the whole series that never gave up on saving Sasuke, because Sasuke awakened his last tomoe after Naruto told him that this was the first bond Naruto ever had, because they literally have a whole colour page drawn by Kishi himself where they’re both wearing necklaces with each other’s face on, and another where they’re both standing next to each other smiling with the letters N·S above them, and because they have cute matching tattoos which may or may not be permanent.

We ship them because Naruto doesn’t mind being torn into pieces as long as he gets Sasuke back, because Naruto would rather be a idiot than give up on his friend. We ship them because that other time when Naruto found out that he was wind and said that he is happy to be compatible with Sasuke, that, “The only thing that can save a fire from dying and give it more power is wind,” because Naruto was once waiting for his mission to end, asking, “When will I go home? I need to go back to Konoha and wait for Sasuke,” because Naruto held on to his pillow worrying about Sasuke, because Naruto used to look at a shooting star, place his hand on his heart, and think about Sasuke, because Naruto said that when they die they can meet in the afterlife and understand each other then, because Naruto easily tossed his dream of being Hokage aside in favour of saving Sasuke, because the first thing they found in Naruto’s heart in the middle of war was how he wished he could’ve talked to Sasuke when they were children. We ship them because of that time when Naruto finds out that Sasuke attacked the Kages and Karui punches him till almost death because he didn’t say any information about Sasuke, and he let her, only saying “I can’t betray him,” because Naruto sank to the ground, begging the Raikage to spare Sasuke, and because he fainted from how scared he was for Sasuke.

We ship them because of the kiss scene (which isn’t even that important in the grand scheme of things), because of\ Naruto defending Sasuke, saying he is ‘way better looking than Sai’ and then quickly backtracked, saying he’s not ‘that bad-looking’, because Sasuke remembered that ‘comic relief’ kiss TWO important times—one while he was dying, because Kishi then published an interview answer about said kiss where he was was pretending to be Sasuke. The question was: “What did the kiss with Naruto taste like? Lemon?”

Sasuke’s response was: “Hmm… like miso, I guess… I-I mean - like I remember! Damn Naruto; why would he do that?”

Just let that sink in for a little moment. Kishi isn’t even have to put that information out there, but he did.

We ship them because Sasuke was prepared and almost died for Naruto before carrying out his precious revenge, because Sasuke’s face was just as shocked with Naruto’s “Because we’re friends!” as that time when his father first told him, “As expected of my son”—words he longed to hear, because Sasuke instinctively saves Naruto on-panel three times—two during the war, because Sasuke so easily said that Kakashi and Sakura were useless without even letting them prove him wrong, yet still agreed when Naruto told him he’ll perform the ridiculous Reverse Harem no Jutsu even though Sasuke knew it wasn’t going to work, because Orochimaru himself said that Naruto was the one changing Sasuke’s heart and goals, because Sasuke had a tranquil look while staring at the Great Naruto Bridge, because the only one Sasuke wasn’t able to completely break his bonds with was Naruto, because Sasuke attacked Sai as soon as he mentioned Naruto’s name at Orochimaru’s lair, even though Sai meant him no harm, because Itachi—who loved Sasuke more than anything else—smiled as he left Sasuke in Naruto’s care.

We ship them because leaving Naruto at the Valley of the End was “as painful to Sasuke as ripping off half of his own body.”

We ship them because Sasuke motivates Naruto to become stronger, because they found comfort in each other when they were young, because they immediately trusted each other during war even though they promised they’d fight one another till death, and because they can now sense each other’s chakra while in different dimensions. We ship them because Kishi clearly stated that Naruto and Sasuke were yin and yang, that, "Naruto and Sasuke progress as a pair. So when I write about Naruto, I always have to think about Sasuke. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum, like yin and yang.” That literally one cannot live without the other, and he showed us that when he made their heartbeat stop and start beating again at the exact same time.

Don’t you dare tell me and my fellow shippers that we ship SasuNaruSasu because it’s ‘hot’ or because we’re ‘crazy yaoi fans’ or anything like that because if you deny all the subtext and reasons for shipping them, you’ll be just that—in denial. Don’t you dare tell me we think our ship should be canon just because of some mere kiss, or because ‘gaaaaaaaay’ or anything else because that’s not the ship. That’s not the ship AT ALL. Don’t you dare tell us we don’t have enough shipping material. 

We don’t think it should be canon because of them wanting to get in each other’s pants, we think it should be canon because these two are so important to each other that it’s hard to believe they can care for someone else more than they care about each other. This isn’t even about romantic love. Even if they never love each other romantically/sexually, it’s still hard to believe that they’ll love someone else romantically/sexually with the same force and passion that they ‘non-romantically’ care for each other with. Don’t you dare tell me we don’t have a right to say our ship should be canon with all this blatant subtext.

Unfortunately though, when it comes down to it, it’s still a homosexual relationship, and we still live in a quiet and secretly homophobic world for Kishi/ the editors to let it become anything more than *subtext*.

As for why we have to sexualise everything about them, that’s completely normal and can be perfectly explained. We, like every single shipper in every single fandom, would love to see the people who care about each other so much being, er, intimate with each other. That doesn’t discredit us from shipping it. That doesn’t make us delusional. We have a right to sexualise the ship like how literally every other ship does, but that’s not the essence of our ship at all.

I don’t care if it’s not your thing, I don’t care if you think your ship is the canon one. But when you start insulting us and saying we’re delusional then you need to take a step back and shut the fuck up.


look at these panels of naruto provoking tobirama